My Body

I had taken my body for granted so much so that I wasn’t aware I abused it. I was rudely awakened from my ignorance when my body and mind started falling apart. I was first hit by an ailment that I least expected to get and that baffled me. I was in the midst of handling it when I was hit by an even bigger health issue. My response at first was to cry, throw a tantrum and then ruthlessly go on a  crash diet. In return my body and mind gave up on me. I collapsed. I alternated between hosting a pity party and being in denial. It took me a long time to go from mourning my health ailments to understanding few things about myself.     

For one, I was a glutton! I had wolfed down 19 chappathis at an all-you-can-eat lunch back in my college days! I literally gobbled up anything and everything in a jiffy. I over ate and over drank(water). Wasn’t aware of my over indulgence then because thanks to my metabolism I was thin. It is remotely possible that I was unconsciously trying hard to put on some weight because of  few alluding remarks of how thin I was.

Now I am of average weight (maybe just a bit more) but that’s not the issue. The challenges that I am up against are my health ailments. They were my wake- up call! I am reworking my diet carefully but amongst this all what I have noticed is my sheer irreverence in feeding my body. I just gulp my food down as fast as possible. I don’t pay attention to my eating.Either I am lost in my thoughts or am in a hurry.

I feel my irreverence is costing me. I am thinking that just slowing down, taking time to chew the food properly and paying attention to every morsel of food I eat might be a good starting point in my path to recovery.    


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