Guru Dutt

Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam knocked me off my feet some twenty five years back and I am still under its spell. The character Chhoti Bahu was awe inspiring and I fell in love with Guru Dutt for making such a progressive movie!

Until a few days back I had thought that Guru Dutt had directed the movie but was surprised to read that Abrar Alvi won the Best Director award for this movie in the book GURU DUTT A Life in Cinema written by Nasreen Munni Kabir. I also hadn’t  known till then that it was based on Bimal Mitra’s Bengali novel and that it had been already adapted to the screen in a successful Bengali version..

Another thing that struck me was how much Guru Dutt cared about what the audience felt.There were some scenes in this movie which the public did not like so he cut one, re-shot another and took an additional scene and inserted these new scenes into every print in town!

My daughter asked me as to how I felt about Guru Dutt now. I thought about it and realized that before I considered him a superhuman who was unreachable, a person who followed his passion with great ease and such confidence that he wouldn’t have cared about a commoner’s opinion. Now I admire him as a person who didn’t let his own insecurities and indecisiveness stop him from becoming a brilliant film maker! His vulnerability makes him very endearing!


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