Throughout our drive in Meghalaya; from towns to countryside, bungalows to shacks; all were very tidy and clean so I knew that the above message was for us, the tourist. I instantly liked it because I felt that it hit the right spot! A bit of shaming, boosting or bombing one’s own complex regarding their education and giving opportunity to everyone to flaunt themselves as an educated elite by simply disposing their garbage the right way!

For once instead of avoiding all crowded tourist spots and routes, I eagerly visited each one of them, one after the other, to see if it was garbage free. OMG! I was witnessing the biggest magic of all: I hardly saw any litter anywhere! I was so happy and convinced of this rare reality that I chose to skip the rest of the crowded spots. To my astonishment we found a totally deserted, beautiful waterfall along the way! We enthusiastically jumped out of the car to spend some time there. We were walking towards the falls, admiring the awesome view, when my eyes fell on about half a dozen discarded disposable plates, cups and spoons carelessly strewn around the place……..gosh! What a disappointment!!

Why do you think this message failed to have the desired effect on people in this place?Was I wrong in assuming that all the litter free places were the result of this message?Leave your opinions in the comments.  




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