Parents and Children

Statistics of my family

Current generation:                                                                                                                          My daughter

Our generation:                                                                                                                                     My husband, an only child                                                                                                                   Me, one of two children

Previous generation:                                                                                                                             My father-in-law, one of eight                                                                                                             My mother-in-law, one of five                                                                                                             My mother, one of nine                                                                                                                         My father, one of seven

One can see a drastic reduction in the number of children in our generation compared to the previous one.

According to Indian tradition, the son or sons are responsible for taking care of their parents in their old age and also to help their soul rest in peace by performing the last rites. Since the family size has reduced drastically within a generation we now have many families with only daughters and no son.

Have these families grasped the current scenario and come up with a practical solution in taking care of the older members of the family? Or are they turning a blind eye to this issue expecting time, circumstance and family politics to determine the outcome?

We are facing similar issues in families where all the children are working abroad in search of better opportunities for themselves and their kids. In such scenarios do parents and children sit together and chalk out a plan that is satisfactory to all?

Very important:  While strategizing caring plans for the elderly, one has to respect the fact that each one of us are unique and so is our family dynamics. This understanding will lead us to  genuine solutions with some grace and dignity.



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