Can you guess what you are seeing in the photo above? The beach looks as if it has boils on it! Ugh! This is what me and my family saw on the first day of our week-long vacation at the Mobor beach, Goa couple of years back. We took a closer look and my daughter exclaimed, “yuck! I think they’re Jellyfish!”. We were guessing that they were jellyfish from what we had read earlier; that Mangalore beaches were being swarmed by Stingrays and the Bay of Bengal was washing up dead jellyfish onto the shore. We decided to stay away from the water and instead took a little stroll along the beach, shaking our heads in disbelief at what we were witnessing.

The first thing that we did as soon we reached our resort was to google up washed up jellyfish. We soon learned that it happens in south west beaches of UK but that year’s (2015) invasion of jellyfish was said to be unprecedented.The article warned beachgoers not to touch the specimen which despite not being considered dangerous to humans, can leave a sting similar to that of a nettle.The article also mentioned that their numbers have increased that year partly due to the warm spell and the changing chemicals in the sea.

Reading about this phenomenon had very little impact on me but witnessing it first hand shocked me. I began to wonder if this was nature’s way of balancing out the excessive population of jellyfish. Was nature warning us humans that if we make a nuisance of ourselves on this earth it won’t hesitate a moment to wipe us out?


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