Photo: Two Cities

Patience to me meant to put up with other’s shortcomings genially. Shortly after my marriage my husband and I happened to be waiting for a bus. The bus didn’t turn up on time and our wait seemed indefinite. My husband noticed and commented that I was impatient and I flew off the handle. ME  and IMPATIENCE in the same sentence. Not possible! I was known to be an extremely patient person, or so I thought then. It wasn’t me who was impatient, it was the driver who was negligent and tardy!

I was standing in a long line in the bank to withdraw some cash. I was almost near the counter just one  person in front of me. The cashier decides to take a break. I cursed my stars, my fate and so wished that I had been ahead of two persons so I didn’t have to wait there and then unnecessarily for god knows how long?! I was irritated and fidgety and… I noticed I wasn’t patient at all in this situation. Voila!! I got it. I am patient with shortcomings of people but not with situations.

But does it make any sense? Isn’t everything  that happens in your life a “situation”? Maybe what I mean is that I unconsciously am patient with people I know, to get away with the impression of being a patient person.

I have been playacting being patient with few who held the power to prove otherwise to me. As life progressed and I at last took the responsibility of being grown up I noticed how impatient I was with my life. I wanted everything to be done with.

The most eagerly awaited prize was being a mother for me. I couldn’t wait to become one. And after I became one I couldn’t stop from wanting to reach these so-called “milestones” as fast as possible and be done with. What I was supposed to be enjoying became almost an agony! And why? Because everything was going on as it should be? Even the ones which didn’t look good at the beginning were turning out to be beautiful in their own way as time progressed.

All I needed to do was just wait patiently enjoying every little moment we passed… OH!OH!OH! I get it now! I get what patience is!! Do you ?


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