Photo : Odyssey

His scooter skidded and fell and he went down with it. Both hit the ground but escaped without any damage, just that his mind and body were reeling from the shock for couple of days and he soon recovered. He thanked his stars and moved on.

He was leaving town after retirement, back to his native place. He had sold his car to someone he knew near his native place, so it was decided that his car mechanic Mani would drive him and his wife, drop them at their place, and then drop the car with the buyer. It was a long drive and they were enjoying it till they noticed that the car was moving faster than it should. It was overtaking vehicles dangerously and soon they were screaming as the car began swinging in and out of the oncoming traffic. Before they could even comprehend what was happening the car veered off the road into the paddy field and stopped dead. All went silent and they were quietly informed by Mani that he realized few minutes ago that the brake had failed and he was manoeuvring them to safety. Thanks to Mani who was part time working with police. He was  chasing down illegal smugglers in cars to nab them.

He was riding on his scooter with his wife as a passenger behind him. They were waiting at a signal for the light to turn green. Before they knew it, the vehicle standing next to them had brushed against them, toppling their scooter over just as the light turned green. The wife fell off the scooter and onto the ground, right in the path of a bus that had started moving. The visual of the large looming bus coming towards her knocked down helpless self made her decide never to ride in a two wheeler again.

This one is something I don’t know the details about. All that I got to hear from him was that he was driving with his wife by his side, hit the road divider, the car toppled over to the other side. Thanks to seatbelt and airbag they escaped without any serious injury. He thanked God and I told him,

”Yes dad, you should thank God for the miracle of keeping you and mom safe all these years of being on the road and through all the above incidents… or should I say accidents?”   



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